I’m Selling Goat Meat

The past winter I raised a goat kid who I named Snowflake. He was growing fine until his hooves and horns started overgrowing in September. I decided that because of this I should take him to the butcher. At first I was wondering if I could get his hooves cut. But my parents found out that was a bad idea from the person I got my first two goats from. Because of this I decided to butcher him and sell his meat.

As a kid Snowflake was very nice although he did chew off his brother Samuel’s ear last winter until it froze off. Later on his horns started overgrowing and got much larger than Samuel’s. Three months after this his hooves overgrew, and that’s when I decided to butcher him.

These are some photos of him and me.

These pictures are of me and Snowflake when I took him to the butcher.

The number to call to buy Snowflake’s meat is: 917 853 7772. Ask for the owner, Yefet.

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