It had a baby!

This first picture is of the baby goat/kid. She was born April 3, 2011 at sunset. This next picture is of Amber. The one from my last post. See more here.

This is Amber and Oreo together. I think Oreo was nursing at the moment. Amber is a very good mom to Oreo. When Oreo was born Amber was cleaning her like crazy. Right now, while Oreo is one day old, she is perfectly clean because Amber got all the gunk (and umbilical cord) off of her. They are each very nice goats. 

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One Response to It had a baby!

  1. Jeanenne says:

    I can tell from this post you are bursting at the seams. You are very proud of your new mama goat and her baby. Welcome to the world, Oreo!
    I am so glad you included pictures.

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