The second litter of baby chicks

Guess what? Me and my brother incubated chicks! And they hatched! Here are some photos of them.

Here is a picture of the incubator. You plug it in and put warm water in it and have a temperature monitor. You have to turn the eggs once a day. But on the last three days don’t. Not all of the chicks will survive unless a miracle occurs. It is very uncommon for all of them to hatch and live, no matter how well you do.

Here’s a picture of the incubator after we’ve taken the chicks out.  One in the picture is probably not going to survive but we’re keeping it in there just in case.

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My Vacation to Florida

When Mom said we are Florida I was scared about the alligators. But there turned out not to be any where we stayed. I had lots of fun at the beach there. (See photo below.) 

This is me, body surfing in the ocean.

I also found a really cool shell fossil. So I took a picture.

At the beach we also found a cool plant when we went outside when it was cold.

I also read a lot inside. Mom wanted to take a picture of me reading. So she did.

I had a really nice time there. But it was good to be home.

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I learned to my laundry

A few days ago because our housekeeper Jeanenne wasn’t here, we had to do our own laundry if we wanted clean clothes.

I waited a while to do it before I knew that Jeanenne had left for a vacation. After a few days I decided to do my own laundry that week. It was actually pretty easy.

I got my clothes out of the hamper upstairs and put them in the washing machine. Then I put the soap on and turned the laundry machine. I had to leave it that day.

Me and Matt hung them up in the basement to dry. A few days later they were all dried and I had a lot of clean clothes again.

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My Goat Got Pregnant!

A few days ago Oreo, my goat, got pregnant. I got a buck from someone who owns a goat farm. She actually leant him to me for free. I took the buck home after I learned that his name is Rascal. Around a week and a half later, he impregnated Oreo. I’m very excited about her having a baby goat. And I cannot wait for April, when she is likely to have it.

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I’m Selling Goat Meat

The past winter I raised a goat kid who I named Snowflake. He was growing fine until his hooves and horns started overgrowing in September. I decided that because of this I should take him to the butcher. At first I was wondering if I could get his hooves cut. But my parents found out that was a bad idea from the person I got my first two goats from. Because of this I decided to butcher him and sell his meat.

As a kid Snowflake was very nice although he did chew off his brother Samuel’s ear last winter until it froze off. Later on his horns started overgrowing and got much larger than Samuel’s. Three months after this his hooves overgrew, and that’s when I decided to butcher him.

These are some photos of him and me.

These pictures are of me and Snowflake when I took him to the butcher.

The number to call to buy Snowflake’s meat is: 917 853 7772. Ask for the owner, Yefet.

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California Part1: Surfing

I went to California a few weeks ago. It was a lot of fun! My favorite thing was surfing on boogie boards.

This is me and Mom getting ready for me to boogie board on the big waves.

This is me jumping onto the wave to surf on it.

This is me surfing on the wave. It was really fun because it’s so fast.

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New Bionicles

My mom just got me and my brother really cool Bionicles. I am getting the Fire Lord and Witch Doctor. My brother’s getting Rocka XL and Scorpio. I’m really excited to open them and build them.

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